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Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., Pikes Peak Room
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Story & Glory: A Journey through the Parables and Miracles of Jesus. Draw near to Jesus with us as we walk afresh on the sacred ground of the stories He told, and bow in awe of His mercy and glory through His miracles. This 55-minute study fits well into the busy lives of adults. Taught by Kay Morrison and Jill Shelton. Cost is $30/individual or $50/couple. Kids Care is available.


101: Believing to Know
Whether you’re a strong believer, non-believer, skeptic or seeker, come grow your faith, challenge your assumptions, expand your knowledge and equip yourself in this interactive, hands-on course in contemporary Christian apologetics and philosophy.
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Teacher: Scott Behm
Location: Pikes Peak Room
101: Head, Heart and Hands – The Study of James
If you’ve ever read the Bible and wondered how to better understand it, this is the class for you! Allow God’s Word to come alive through the book of James as you discover and learn the principles of inductive Bible study and apply these truths to your life.
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Teacher: Matthew Bachali and Jerod Ridge
Location: Basement
101: Sexuality – The Gift & the Challenges
If we are being honest, most of us have questions about sexuality, both about God’s purpose for it and the troubles that seem to plague us and those we love. Through this class, we will offer Biblical wisdom and resources on some of these issues (including pornography, sexual abuse, and sexual/gender identity), as well as casting vision for healing and the beauty of God’s intent for sexual expression.
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Teachers: Where Grace Abounds Staff
Location: Mt. Evans Room
401: Couples Class – The Meaning of Marriage
This class is uniquely designed for couples who are engaged, or married with or without children up through Middle School.

According to the Bible, all modern-day assumptions miss what marriage is about. In this six-session video-based Bible study,Tim Keller and his wife Kathy draw a profound portrait of marriage from the pages of Scripture that neither idealizes nor rejects the institution but points us back to the relationship between God and man. The result is a vision for marriage that is refreshingly frank and unsentimental, yet hopeful and beautiful. A leadership team of ten couples will facilitate and teach this DVD series.
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Facilitators: Bob and Judy Krulish, Leadership Team
Location: Longs Peak Room

401: Life Together – Beyond a Facebook World
We live in a world where there are a million points of connection through Facebook, Twitter, etc., and yet we feel so alone. We desire and were created to know and be known, to be in community and to have purpose. It reflects the heart of God and His desire for us. As we learn about small groups, we’ll explore what gospel community looks like, how we create it and how we can participate in meaningful connection in the family of God and His world.
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Teachers: Adam Long and Helmut Oehring
Location: Mt. Elbert Room


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Associate Pastor
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